Monday, January 9, 2017

Talisman to summon a ghost or fiend and bid good bye to such an evil spirit.

Inscribe/draw this figure, in toto, on a white paper and also write and rub essence of flowers over it and then place over the patient's hand and ask him to fix his sight thereon. If the ghost or fiend is seated within his body, he will appear on his head, will converse and then finally get lost.

A knowledgeable expert should draw a circle around himself and should not get scared due to horrible figures and whatever fragrance is available should be brought, keep the same in front of him and keep on the afflicted person's hands. When the ghost appears on his head try to seal outlets so the ghost is unable to escape. The expert should compel the ghost to make a promise that he will be relieved only after he makes a solemn promise for never to return and torment the patient again. 

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